Our Expertise

  • Customer Experience Foundations that scale

  • CRM and Ticketing system set up

  • Help Center design

Growing & Changing CX Teams

  • Customer Experience Foundation

  • Systems and Tools Implementation

  • Employee Training

  • Leadership Development

  • Workflow Optimization


  • Maintain Training Curriculum and updates

  • Maintain CRM and Ticketing System

  • Maintain Planning and Scheduling

Our Solutions

Powerhouse Optimization

If you're not sure where to begin, start here. A Powerhouse Workflows engagement reviews your current set up and shows you where and how to improve.  Results are presented as a roadmap that you can implement yourself, or we can do it for you.

Duration: 6 weeks

Most start here

Powerhouse  Planning

As you shift from Customer Service manager to Customer Experience Operations Leader, you will need a plan to help you determine when to hire, hours of operation and operating costs for your contact center.

We're able to take on the planning for your contact center, including agent schedules. Through our scheduled updates, we can keep you up to date on what needs to happen and when.

Duration: 4- 6 weeks to start

Available on going

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Powerhouse Training

It's not enough to hire people, you have to teach them how to do the work... and how to work at your company. 

We set up Onboarding Training (used by your entire company to understand your culture) and Customer Experience Operations Training which teaches your employees how to use your systems and tools to service customers.

Duration: 8-12 weeks to start

Available on going

Powerhouse Quality

If you're here, we know you must be fanatical about your customer experience. Quality Assurance gives you the peace of mind that your team is delivering the experience you expect your customers to have.

We'd love to introduce you to our partners who can handle quality assuring100% your contacts using AI or people.

Duration: varies

Available on going through partners

Powerhouse Customer Engagements

Setting up ticketing systems can feel like a Herculean effort. We make it look easy by scoping your implementation from end to end, configuring the system and agent training.

We also offer a Playbook for Administrators to learn how your CRM works on the back end. You're also welcome to offload your Ticketing System maintenance to us.

We specialize in Zendesk, and we're an authorized Zendesk Partner.


Duration: 4 - 8 weeks to start

Available on going

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