PowerhouseCX for B2B

What's the right structure and relationship model between Account Management/Customer Success and Customer Experience? 

Who owns each part of the process? What should be handled where and by whom? Which systems should we be using and how?

These are common challenges B2B businesses face when defining their organizational structure and workflows.

What's included in the PowerhouseCX Program?


We include three main areas, with add-ons according to your specific needs. While the program itself is systemized, your deliverables and our approach to achieving your results are customized.

Three areas included within PowerhouseCX

Powerhouse Customer Engagements (Set up email, live chat, phones, etc.)

Powerhouse Training (elearning, employee onboarding)

Powerhouse Planning (workload and staffing requirements)

Additional areas which can be included as required:

Powerhouse Coaching (mentorship for CX leader)

Powerhouse VOC (focus on high value customers mostly)

How does the PowerhouseCX Program work for B2B?


Once we complete the Powerhouse Optimization process, we prioritize the work to be completed to get you to PowerhosueCX status. Typically, the program takes a minimum 16 weeks to implement for B2B, but may take longer depending on internal resources, timelines and budget.

We can break the program down to smaller mini projects, depending on your need and comfort level. 

Our goal is to provide you with the foundation that's needed to scale. Your CX program should not break down when you double in size.