Powerhouse Optimization

This 4 to 6 week program identifies all of the areas you need to focus on to improve your current customer experience operations program. This is great for the busy executive who knows something is amiss, but doesn't have the capacity to get into the weeds. It's also great for the CX Manager who is overwhelmed, trying to see the forest through the trees and just needs a kick start.

What is Powerhouse Optimization?


Powerhouse Optimization is a short term engagement where we review how you’re working today from a people, process and technology perspective. We evaluate your processes and make recommendations that will reduce wasted time, activities and efforts to get you back to spending time on things that will create more value for your customer.

When we’re done, you will be left with a roadmap on how to create efficiencies within your customer experience program. Your road map can executed with or without us depending on your timeline, budget and the level of urgency.

How does the Powerhouse Optimization work?


We interview and shadow key team members to see how they do their work. Along the way, we gather relevant information such as current org structure, processes for each functional area and tools used to do the work.


During this process, we separate pain points from necessary evils.


When we find low hanging fruit or quick fixes, that are not invasive and will make a difference, we make those changes for you (on the spot).


The rule of thumb is not to interrupt your current workflow. In essence, we won’t implement any changes that require training. Those items will go on to your roadmap.